3 professions that you can earn as a freelancer


Still not sure what you can work with a freelancer site if you work outside the office? Here are 3 more interesting professions that will bring income anywhere in the world. You’ll have to learn a couple of new skills – but it’s only more interesting, right?

Here are the 3 professions that you can earn as a freelancer

1. Website Developer

It’s impossible to enter this area without knowledge: you will have to spend time and money to learn the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Java. But there are more than enough orders for sites – the site is useful today for sellers of LED strips and fashion illustrators. You can take the path of less resistance and master WordPress and sell website development on it.

2. Motion designer

For most orders, you don’t need to create Avatar-level graphics – just study the basics of After Effects and watch a lot of cool animated videos to increase the visibility. Often, different companies need video infographics and other simple animations for content: orders are simple, there are many of them. To enter the profession you only need Youtube, free time and the desire to try and learn.

Motion designer

3. Interface Designer

The 2 main interface designer tools are Figma and Sketch. These are intuitive programs that are easy to understand, so go for it! If there is an application that infuriates you with its inconvenience, create its best version and offer it to developers – who knows, what if you get your first order that way?

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February 14, 2020