What is freelance and who are freelancers?


Freelance and Freelancers: I’ll put on the shelves all the main points of freelance and answer the question, what is it really like

Who are the freelancers?

The main definition of freelancing lies in its name is freedom. Speaking of dry language, freelancing is a form of employment where specialist (freelancer) with certain skills and expertise, sells that same expertise directly to that company or natural person, the urgent tasks which this examination solves.

A freelancer is essentially the same company, consisting of only one person that performs all its functions in one person (myself, the Director, Manager and performer), but the reward for the execution of the order gets completely himself and in full.

I have often been party to such a dialogue:

– I want to become a freelancer. Where to look for work? How to take an order?

– What can you do? Who are you by profession?

-Nothing special. I want to become a freelancer. Because there is education required?

This conversation is the effect of one of the myths about freelancing. They say freelancing is already a self-sufficient occupation, something like the execution of small orders for a person who is able to work on the computer and well accustomed to the Internet.

In fact, it is certainly not the case. Freelancing is just a way by which you can sell your time as a professional. Not a profession, and the possibility of its implementation. So of course, to become a freelancer, you need to first become a specialist in a specific field, as they say, all sorts of financial experts, “the real economy”.

What is the difference between a freelancer and an employee in the office?

The main difference between a freelancer from an employee – the absence of a mediator between him and the ultimate consumer of its services. A mediator is a company in the state of which he is paying for his taxes, gives him tasks, and periodically issues a fixed reward for solving them.

The second difference is a consequence of the first: the client company pays for the services of this company, which gets the bulk of the profits from the project, and the employee – only a small fraction of a fixed monthly payment. On the contrary, the freelancer gets the entire budget of the project. After taxes, of course, and I also will tell in a separate article 🙂

If freelancing is so wonderful, then why are people still working in the office?

Together with undivided profits freelance imposes on the technician and undivided responsibility for the result. If the project is blocked, then shift the blame to another will not work. In addition, the clerk’s office even in case of a failed project will still get your fixed number of coins, well, maybe this time without the bonuses and prizes. Freelancers, on the other hand, will suffer, both financial and reputational loss. In fact, the freelancer is the owner of a small business, and therefore the responsibility is the same.

The employee on the payroll is not busy finding clients and work, he found her. The superior periodically issues a list of tasks and deadlines. On the contrary, the search for clients and orders is one of the main tasks of the freelancer. And this requires the right temperament and certain abilities.

However, over time, this function greatly eases herself her need is practically reduced to nothing, but more on that in other articles.

But freelancing in General for whom?

On professions, which can be implemented and how they can be implemented via freelance in my next articles 😉 If we talk about purely human personality traits, then freelancing is a Paradise for introverts, people who don’t get along very well with my colleagues, do not tolerate office politics, idiotic corporate events and unfair in their view of management decisions.

Freelancing for those who believe that professional qualities are used inefficiently and financially are rewarded less than they should. Freelancing for those who can not and does not want to become a nut sensitive body, overwhelming his personality. Freelancing for those who can and is willing to take full responsibility for your life, for your victories and failures. Freelance for free in all senses of people.

February 14, 2020