About Us

At PrepaidWork, we aim to offer you the best freelance solutions you can get in today’s market. Our dedicated freelance market has been created to connect freelancers and employers from all around the globe, thus making the freelance market a better and easier place to handle.

What do we offer?

PrepaidWork is a freelance market which connects freelancer and employers from all around the world through a sophisticated platform; if you need a professional to write something for you, create your business website, create a banner or a logo for you, or anything else which can be done online, you can find the best and most talented freelancers at PrepaidWork. Using PrepaidWork, you won’t have to face any long-time interviewing, blindly hiring of Freelancers and risking losing your money. We offer great profile creation with a lot of useful tools, like:

  • A sophisticated and easy to use and view portfolio,
  • A very handy communication system that makes it extremely easy for employers and freelancers to get in touch with each other and discuss a project,
  • A great rating system, through which you can rate a freelancer’s skills after you complete a project with him,
  • A very sophisticated ID verification method, so you always know that you are working with a real person,
  • A safe milestone system where nobody worries about losing his time and money,
  • A very handy workroom which helps both – employers and freelancers – to discuss and successfully complete a project,
  • A great customer support that will resolve all of your issues or disputes, and answer all of your questions very quickly, thus offering you the best quality assistance for all your issues.

What is our vision?

Today’s market is a very complicated and aggressive place with many talented workers not finding the work for the price they deserve, and for employers not finding the worker to deliver them the quality they need. This is a frequent problem and our aim is to resolve the problem through the easiest way possible. We struggle to create a friendly place where everybody gets what he deserves and to have great work done. Our vision is to see satisfied employers get great quality work from experienced and talented freelancers, and the freelancers to use their talents and get paid as deserved. Coming from that, we aim to join these two groups of people through an easy-to-use platform, where everyone is satisfied and protected from fraud. We aim to establish a great customer service, so you get all of your problems resolved at once. When establishing this platform, we aim to help you work your own way and get the most profit out of it.
We want you to enjoy our services, forget about the struggle of today’s market and make a great and joyful place out of it with self-motivated people who increase their profit using a low-cost, sophisticated platform that makes everyone happy and productive in their work.
If you have any questions, please contact customer support.