Refund policy

This section will cover refund dispute and job cancelation policy for employers who are not satisfied with a freelancer’s job or for any other issues that an employer and a freelancer might have leading to a dispute and a refund request. Any time you want to end a contract with a freelancer you will be asked to contact your freelancer for them to accept the refund policy or raise a dispute. This policy will cover both – fixed-price jobs and hourly jobs.

Refund an hourly contract

If you award an hourly job to a freelancer, they must download the hourly app so as to fix the hours they work and take screenshots of his work time. These hours will be paid by the week or month (according to your choice and agreement with the freelancer). If you, at any time, feel that the freelancer is not working properly, or you are not satisfied with the work that the freelancer delivers or there are any other issues between you and the freelancer that won’t let you continue the work with them, you may, at any time, create a refund request. The refund request you file must be sent to your freelancer for approval. Freelancer may only refund an amount that is not higher than:

  • The amount they earned in the contract
  • Their available balance
  • The amount that is not yet released from the contract

When a freelancer approves the refund request, credit is created for your account that becomes available to you after a routine payment security holding period.

If the freelancer does not accept the refund policy, you may raise a dispute. After you send the freelancer a refund request, they may dispute as well if he does not agrees with the refund request. In either case, PrepaidWork will investigate the dispute from either side and if we find that the freelancer’s tracked hours do not qualify with our Policy (not enough hours for the job, badly done work delivered, fraud intentions), we will resolve the dispute at your favor. If the freelancer does not accept or dispute the refund request within 7 days’ time, the amount of the refund request will automatically be transferred to your (the employer’s) account.

Refund a fixed-price contract

When you award a fixed price job to a freelancer, you usually pay the whole amount of the Escrow for the work or a part of it by dividing the work into milestones (which is highly recommended when you award a big job with a large amount). You can always request a refund of the Escrow, if:

  • You are not satisfied with the work delivered by the freelancer due to bad quality or if the freelancer did not meet your requirements
  • The freelancer did not meet the required deadlines
  • Other disputes you may have with the freelancer

The procedure of requesting a refund from Escrow is pretty much the same as requesting a refund for hourly jobs. You must send a refund request to the freelancer. The freelancer can either approve or dispute with the refund request. If the freelancer does not answer within 7 days to the refund request, the refund will be done automatically to your account.

If you cannot come to an agreement with the freelancer, PrepaidWork will require disputes (that are filed either by you or the freelancer) to enter a mediation process with a Prepaid.Work dispute specialist, so your case can be investigated and resolved. Prepaid.Work always asks for its employers to come to an agreement, but if you and the freelance consider it necessary, the dispute specialist will make the final recommendation after investigating the dispute file according to the Dispute Resolution Policy. If PrepaidWork finds that the freelancer has not met your requirements and has disobeyed PrepaidWork Policy rules, the dispute will be resolved in your favor. If not, the dispute will be solved to the freelancer’s favor. Usually, PrepaidWork tries to resolve the issue by returning you your money from Escrow, while awarding the freelancer with an amount for the job already done. For more details read the “Fees and Charges” section.

Other types of disputes

As this section covers both – refunds and dispute policy – here will be mentioned Feedback dispute. Feedback dispute is any dispute made or filed by you or the freelancer because of feedback or rating that you feel does not suit the work you did. If the User or the Freelancer has any disputes considering Feedback, PrepaidWork always encourages both of the Users to come to an agreement. If this is not possible, a Dispute specialist will try to investigate and resolve this issue. If the dispute specialist finds that the Feedback is not the one that matches the User(s), then the other User (the one who left the Feedback) will be notified by the PrepaidWork dispute section to change the feedback. If the feedback is not changed within 7 days, it will automatically be deleted.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Refund and Dispute policy, feel free to contact PrepaidWork customer support and you will receive an answer within 7 days; our customer support team will do the best to deliver an answer that fully answers your question and make sure it is in the shortest term possible.