Rules Last update 4 months ago

What you can't do on Prepaid Work Freelancing Service.


On Prepaid Work Freelancing Service, several rules apply to placing orders, responses, comments, and posts in the Club, information in the profile, portfolio, and other places.


The rules are simple; for example, we ask you not to insult each other or post false information. They are divided into groups - general rules for placing orders, responses, and communication in the Club.


In case of rule violations, we reserve the right to edit and hide orders, responses, posts, and comments from the site or block your account — The choice of sanctions depends on the frequency and scale of violations.


If your order, response, comment, or post was hidden from the site or your account was blocked, but you don't know why or want to ask any clarifying questions, don't hesitate to contact our support service.


If someone else has violated the rules and you want to inform us about it, please remember that we cannot conduct investigations outside the Prepaid Work Freelance service, just as we cannot provide data from one user to another, even if it is the data of an unscrupulous freelancer or customer, we act within the framework of Indian legislation. Sometimes, in conflict situations, we may ask you to contact the police or the court — this is necessary so that we can help you resolve the conflict legally.


Support staff reserves the right to terminate the dialog if the communication is conducted rudely or offensively. Let's treat each other with respect!