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We specialize in working for IT professionals. To do this, we attract customers from Prepaid Work and other professional communities. Most orders are published in the following areas: website development, software, and mobile applications, as well as design and content creation.


Employers publish orders of various levels of complexity daily: simple ones for beginners or quick work for professionals and complex ones for a long period. Respond to orders yourself or open access to your contact details so that the interested employer can call you directly.


The ability to respond to orders and see customer contact details is a paid service. For more information about the cost, see the Services and prices section.




How to fill out the questionnaire correctly?


→ The customer decides to invite a freelancer based not only on the content of the response left to the order but also on viewing the profile and portfolio results. Therefore, these pages should be as detailed and informative as possible.


Upload a high-quality photo that shows your face to the site. Enter your first and last name. Pay close attention to filling in the specialization and skills fields. Customers use them when filtering the list of questionnaires.


A preview of the "About me" field is displayed on your profile card in the list of freelancers. A meaningful and detailed text increases your chances of getting the customer interested. Describe your experience and profile personal qualities; focus on projects you are interested in working on; formulate your expectations for the employer.


Fill in the contact information fields so the interested customer can contact you directly. And specify the cost of work to minimize the number of unnecessary contacts.


How to get an order?


→ Choose an interesting order from the list and leave a response to it. In it, tell us the key facts from your experience concerning this task, your estimated time frame, and the starting cost.


If customers immediately like you, they will invite you to become a performer.


If you have any additional questions about your experience or conditions of order fulfillment, the employer will contact you using one of the contacts listed in your profile. Or leave a comment on the response on the site.


You will see any notifications about the customer's actions in the site header and your email. You will also receive a message if the customer chooses someone else.


How to find out about new orders?


  • Use the search filters to find suitable orders in the "Orders" section;
  • Subscribe to notifications and receive emails with information about new orders in the selected categories. Set it up for instant notifications or a digest that comes once a day.
  • Subscribe to social networks that broadcast new orders and publish the most important news: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram.


How to pay for a subscription?


→ Go to the PRO freelancer page. Choose a one-time response purchase (you can use it anytime) or a convenient period of access to unlimited responses to orders.


How to protect yourself?


→ Discuss the terms and conditions for completing the order in writing with the customer. This applies not only to the time and cost of implementation but also to the scope of the task. Ask them to send you a technical task, even if the project seems simple and fast. Write the criteria for edits and the number of edits you are ready to implement at no additional cost.


Making a prepayment is usually considered individually on a case-by-case basis. Remember that the customer risks as much as you do. Please pay attention to their registration date on the site, reviews, and the number of orders they have completed.