Payment for services Last update 6 months ago

Subscription to use the service


A subscription to use the service is required for freelancers who want to respond to orders without restrictions. Placing and viewing orders is free of charge. However, to view contact details in the profile of other users, the customer needs to purchase a subscription.


For a freelancer, there are two options: buying a response or a subscription. The first option is relevant if you have used up all the free responses and want to respond to another order today. A subscription can be purchased for a day, a week, or a month. Each of them can be extended for a selected period. Accordingly, the longer the subscription validity period, the cheaper it costs.


Payment for the subscription is made from the funds in your account balance. To purchase a subscription, open the main user menu and go to the “Control Panel” and then to the “PRO freelancer” or ”PRO customer" section.




How to add funds to your account?


→ Each account on Prepaid Work Freelancing Service has its balance. It stores the funds you use to pay for all the services, including a subscription, raising and allocating orders or questionnaires, and other services. Funds are stored in the form of conditional currency - "credits"; one credit equals 1 USD.


Individuals can add funds to their balance using a Credit card or PayPal.


The transferred funds will be immediately displayed on your balance.


What is account verification?


→ Account verification is a confirmation that you are a real person. It is required for customers who place their orders on the site. And desirable for freelancers. Verified accounts inspire more trust among other users, and communication with them is perceived as safer.


Verification is possible by linking your Social Media accounts, Money, or mobile phone number. You can do this on your profile page.